PostHeaderIcon High Gas Prices: Supply, Demand and the Oil Industry’s Monopoly on Transportation


Once again, high gas prices are draining our wallets and making us crazy.

What to do?
•We’ve drilled, baby, we’ve drilled. We’re now drilling more in this country than we have in nearly a decade.
•We’ve given tax breaks and other wasteful incentives to oil companies to try and ease our pain at the pump. We now give about $4 billion in tax breaks to the oil and gas industry each and every year.
•We’ve listened to naysayers tell us that pursuing clean energy alternatives to oil and gas is a waste of our time and money. Now, the United States is lagging much of the rest of the world on clean energy.

And what have we gotten in return?

Gas prices that are hitting new highs, an economy held hostage to global instability and an oil industry monopoly on our transportation system.

There’s nothing we can do to control the price of gas in America, because oil prices are set on a global marketplace. As we’ve seen, more drilling certainly isn’t the answer, because that’s done nothing to reduce prices at the pump. The only thing more drilling has done is increase profits for oil companies – to the tune of $137 billion last year alone, a 75 percent rise since the year before. Who else got a 75 percent raise in the middle of a recession?

The fact is, the only way we can reduce how much we spend on gasoline is to reduce how much gasoline we use.

This is the main reason we at Kelly Auto Electric have invested our time, money, and energy into Compressed Natural Gas conversion kits. A CNG converted vehicles can cost about half as much to operate as conventional vehicles and burn much cleaner.Contact us with your make and model and start you journey towards a more fuel efficient future.

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